Financial Services

Mobile carrier adds financial services for subscribers in another country to enable them to make money remittances, pay bills and make purchases via Polyphone.

Personal Account

Personal account is where the subscribers can check their balance, change price plan, buy additional minutes, SMS and Internet data.

It’s also where they link cards or e-money accounts to their mobile wallet in order to transfer part of their earnings to family or to pay their expenses.

This way, personal account replaces several applications at once.

subscribers are serviced by assistant bot

reduction of customer support load

Assistant Bot

Assistant bot helps subscribers to navigate in their account. The bot tells the user where they can change their plan, how to add a new number, or link a card.

Subscribers don’t have to call the customer service, listen to a voice robot and dial extension numbers. The assistant bot takes on the first line of support calls.

Bill Payments

Users pay utility, telephone, Internet, TV bills, fines, taxes and fees, top up transport cards and repay loans.

As a result, almost all user payments go through Polyphone.

customers communicate with businesses in chats and not by email


Subscribers use chatbots to buy goods or order services from mobile carrier’s partners: online stores, food delivery companies, taxis, and even online schools.

Everything is paid for right in Polyphone: a new pair of shoes, groceries from the supermarket, a taxi to the train station, and English lessons via Skype.

Partners, in their turn, connect with users directly thanks to chatbots.

QR Code Payments

QR codes help Polyphone users to pay for public services and goods when it’s not possible to pay in cash or by card.

Thanks to QR codes, people don’t have to stand in queues to pay their utility bills and look for an ATM if it happens that all payment terminals are down.

Loans of any types can be approved


Mobile lending is another service that can be provided to subscribers in Polyphone: they can apply for a loan and have it approved in their personal account. Loans are issued by banks the network carrier has an agreement with.

Users don’t even have to visit offices: money is credited to their bank account or mobile wallet. After that, it can be transferred, withdrawn, or spent.

What’s More


Geo-targeted ads
Money withdrawal and cash-out
USSD, push and pop-up ads
Bot platform

Partner ads in app’s blogging channels
Gaming portal