Retaining Subscribers

Polyphone helps to keep roaming subscribers from churning away by offering them low-cost calls to phone numbers, voice and video calls to other messenger users, group and private chats. All this is made available in a mobile carrier app.

Calls to Phone Numbers

Calls to Phone NumbersSubscribers call and text their loved ones at reduced fees, and even relatives with basic feature phones see the caller’s name and number displayed as usual.

Incoming calls in the messenger are free.

Thanks to Polyphone, subscribers in another country communicate with family and friends as if they’re at home.

In-App Voice and Video Calls

Polyphone users also call each other within the app, including by video. Video quality is adjusted to user’s camera and Internet speed. As a result, subscribers can communicate with each other and see their family in Polyphone.

Group and Private Chats

Subscribers communicate via chats as well, exchanging photos, videos, GIFs, and simply texting.

Chats are a quicker way for subscribers to be in touch with their family and friends.

What’s More

Versions for iPhone and Android
Group calls
Registration for subscribers of other MNOs
Exclusive and paid stickers
Calls over Wi-Fi
Location sharing
Encryption of voice and video calls
Channels for bloggers