No Need for Expensive Hardware

We offer horizontal scaling, which means increasing the capacity in line with the growth of the subscriber base. There’s no need to buy expensive hardware at the start.

How It Works

We’ll calculate the load profile

We forecast the load based on the average profile, but also take into account the regional mentality of subscribers. The mentality determines for what services there will be demand. For example, in Asia people call more often, and in Europe texting is more preferred.

Then we’ll install the software

Based on the load profile, we calculate the capacity of the communication channels and come up with hardware specifications. If the appropriate hardware is already in place, we install the software. We can just as well install the software on virtual or cloud servers.

Flexible partnership options

  • MNO becomes Polyphone’s owner
    Network operator buys Polyphone and transfers the payment in any convenient way.
  • MNO is the sole beneficiary
    Network operator gets 100 % of the revenue.
  • One year of support
    We provide free 24/7 support for one year after the purchase.
  • MNO rents Polyphone
    A limited-use agreement is signed; operator doesn’t have to pay anything upfront.
  • Revenue is shared
    Operator shares part of the revenue with Eastwind as specified in the agreement.
  • Unlimited support
    We provide free 24/7 support during the whole agreement period.