Retaining Subscribers

Where do users install Polyphone from?

From App Store and Google Play. You can publish the links on your website or send them in SMS.

How do subscribers register in Polyphone?

They enter their phone number and then a confirmation code received in an SMS. Once registered, they use their phone number to log in.

What about subscribers of other carriers?

They provide their details and get a virtual phone number to log in.

What is Channels?

It’s a platform for publishing user-generated content. Popular authors attract new audience to Polyphone. You can engage them to promote your partners.

Financial Services

How secure is Polyphone?

To protect access to their mobile wallets, users set a 4-digit PIN code that they have to enter each time they log in. They can also use biometric data: fingerprints or face scan.

How are loans approved?

When a user applies for a loan, a scoring process is launched automatically that calculates the credit score for the user. The credit score determines the loan amount. Scoring is facilitated by a bank, but it can also be executed by the carrier’s system.

How does cashback work?

Subscribers make payments, get bonuses in return, and exchange them for free minutes, SMS and data. The mobile carrier is free to create any loyalty program they wish.

What is bot platform?

It’s a platform for creating chatbots. They connect various carrier’s systems and those of the carrier’s partners with Polyphone.

And the gaming portal?

It’s an HTML5-based mobile games hub. The games are played directly in the app thanks to the components built into the OS: WebKit on iOS and WebView on Android.

Implementation Plan

What are the performance requirements?

We estimate them based on the load. For example, to process 200 calls and 400 SMS per second, an industrial-grade server with an 8-core processor and 32 GB of RAM is required.