Helps to retain roaming subscribers and provide them with financial services

Retaining Subscribers

Labor migrants usually change their mobile carrier when they go to work in another country. Polyphone helps to keep them. The messenger allows subscribers to make calls to phone numbers back home at low fees and talk to loved ones via video or chats.

A mobile network operator with 1.5M subscribers earns min. $50,000/month on incoming calls, SMS, and stickers.

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roamers continue to use their operator’s services

comes from one active subscriber monthly

Financial Services

Migrant subscribers send money home to families, pay bills and buy goods. Mobile carrier can offer them financial services.

Mobile Wallet
Topped-up from phone balance, card, or other wallet. For all kinds of payments.

Bill Payments
For public services, phone and Internet, transport, fines, taxes, and loans.

For payments for partner products and services.

QR Codes
For contactless payments for utility bills and goods.

Implementation Plan

Deploying functionality for calls to phone numbers, voice and video calls from app to app, group and private chats. Minimum lead time: 2 weeks. Network operator starts receiving revenue as soon as subscribers begin making calls home.

Adding personal account, mobile wallet, bill payments, QR code and mobile lending modules. Minimum lead time: 1 month. Operator starts receiving revenue as soon as the first wallet top-up, money transfer to family, or utility bill payment is made.

Adding group calls, chatbot, cashback, and advertising modules. Minimum lead time: 1 month. Operator starts receiving revenue as soon as the first group call is made or a service is bought from a partner via the chatbot.

About Us

Eastwind is a Russian developer of telecom software. For 23 years we have helped mobile carriers to develop infrastructure: SMS, USSD, VAS, billing. Now we focus on marketing automation and big data analysis. We will be most useful to operators who want to grow into providers of digital services.

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